Industry and Market Analysis

Stocking the Shelves: Evaluating Prospects for a Hypermarket Chain in Iran
A major international hypermarket operator was considering expanding its business into Iran. Atieh Bahar Consulting provided the client with a number of reports, ranging from competitor analysis and the Iranian real estate market to strategic human resource and labor market issues. The reports were complemented by a series of business trips of the client’s executive managers to Iran, which were organized from A to Z by Atieh Bahar Consulting.
Making the Connection: Looking at the Telecommunication Sector A major European telecommunications company asked Atieh Bahar Consulting to study the market and recommend a suitable entry strategy. Our consultants managed to go beyond providing the requested information and identified other investment opportunities unexpected by the client.
Hard Digging: A Deep Look at the Heavy Construction Equipment Market A Japanese conglomerate with years of experience in Iran was in the process of evaluating their strategy for the heavy construction machinery sector. Despite being a major player in this market, they realized that they did not have a clear picture of the sector. Understandably so, given the paucity of data and the fact that Iran imports a lot of second hand heavy equipment. Atieh Bahar Consulting was hired to provide them with key information that they needed to come up with their future strategy. Our report not only gave a picture of what the present market looks like, but also reviewed government and corporate policies showing the future 5-10 year horizon.

Project TitleCompany Executive
Stocking the ShelvesEvaluating Prospects for a Hypermarket Chain in Iran
Making the ConnectionLooking at the Telecommunication Sector
Hard DiggingA Deep Look at the Heavy Construction Equipment Market