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New Owners of Corporate Iran

In line with Iran’s privatization process, it is evident that the majority of leading government companies (active in key industries such as petroleum, telecommunications, power generation, transportation etc.) is being transferred to organizations that can be considered “semi-governmental”, i.e. investment entities affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the Baseej, various state-affiliated pension funds and other semi-official entities. This development will, on the one side, change the dynamics in the management of these entities and on the other side, could potentially provide hidden risks and opportunities. In fact, while the ownership of certain Iranian companies by these entities or former military commanders and officials may afford business advantages for potential foreign partners, it may also be counterbalanced by unknown regulatory obligations or negative repercussions to the foreign company’s image or reputation. The goal of this report is to better understand the changing dynamics, emerging opportunities and practical limitations of cooperation or investment opportunities with these companies.

Iran Cost of Living Survey

Atieh Bahar Consulting is pleased to introduce the bi-annual “Iran Cost of Living” survey to its portfolio of products and services. This survey is designed to assist companies to:

  • Track unofficial inflation figures
  • Develop better local and expatriate compensation packages
  • Identify incentive and retention factors

The selected basket includes over 200 items and is comprised of a standard basket of goods and services commonly used by expatriates and foreign companies in Iran. One of the most outstanding features of this report is its realistic and practical presentation of three different price ranges for each item ranging from low-budget to medium and luxury goods.


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New Owners of Corporate IranNew Owners of Corporate Iran
Iran Cost of Living SurveyIran Cost of Living Survey