Our Success Story

Our success over the years has been based on our ability to provide our clients with a fair, transparent, objective and entrepreneurial service. We believe our success has been based on:

  • Providing multi-disciplinary and non-technical services:
  • With years of experience in providing strategic consulting management solutions to local and international enterprises, Atieh Bahar Consulting considers itself capable of providing non-technical services to clients over a diversified range of fields like risk consulting and market strategy.

  • Ability to team up with international partners:
  • Atieh Bahar Consulting’s experience in “teaming up” with international firms in Iran, our ability to draw on our affiliates, and using a strong network that we have developed over years of working in Iran have enabled us to build lasting relationships with our clients.

  • Diverse client range:
  • Our clients come from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia which shows Atieh Bahar Consulting provides neutral and objective service to all countries and cThe list of our clients in the past years include major multi-national companies such as Toyota, BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Honda, Shell, Total, BP, Vodafone, MTN, Nokia, Siemens, Nestle, Tetrapak, etc.

  • Speaker at international forums and conferences:
  • Our international presence as the key speaker in international forums and conferences such as Oxford Energy Seminar, the Asia Gas And Oil Conference in Malaysia, the World BankConference, the World Economic Forum at Sharm el-Sheikh and the CERA Week in Texas.

  • Supporting foreign investment and business delegations to Iran:
  • We have worked with Iran’s Chamber of Commerce and corresponding institutions of other countries in several projects to bring in business delegations to Iran. Examples include delegations that we have brought in from countries such as Spain, England, Finland, Greece, Kuwait, Austria, Brazil, China, etc. from various economic and industrial sectors.